Simlaws of Sand Sleen,Sand Sleen South, Wastelands of Sand Sleen, Nine Wells West, Nine Wells East

Hereafter "Sand Sleen" is the synonym for the hole simcluster of  the five sims Second Life sims.

- Oasis of Sand Sleen is the city's name located within the city walls on 

  Sand Sleen and Sand Sleen South.

- Nine wells is the city's name located within the city walls on

  Nine Wells East.

Both cities are full btb gorean places, based on the novel "Tribesmen of Gor".

- All other territories outside the city walls are Gorean rp sims,

  and so called the Wastelands.

The only entry for raids are the Wastlands







1. Gor in SL is a hobby, take it serious but not to serious, please don't

forget: Nobody is perfect.


2. The sims are privately owned. Its owner is Guru Randwick, he invites

you to share one of his hobbies with him. Don't bother him with your problems, he's not the rubbish bin for your dramas.

Any decision of the sim owner is no subject to any discussion.


3. Dramas in Sand Sleen. We have zero tolerance with dramaqueens, dramakings, intriguers, you are a grown up in rl, so act as a grown up.


4. OOC in Sand Sleen  and its adjoined sims.

The moment you are leaving the entry points on the

ground or on the skydesert is the moment you are entering a rp world.

That means:

- Absolutly no ooc chat in open chat, only admins are allowed to talk 

  ooc in open chat

- Keep IMs to a minimum

- No tp on the sim outside the entry points.

- Groupchat and IM are always OOC, be polite in IM and groupchat.  

   Insulting people in groupchat and will result in a three day ban.

- OOC visitors can not switch to IC once they left the entrys and can

  not interact with other players. They also can be ordered to leave by any

  resident, if they are disturbing rp, and if it would be "only" because of

  their presence.


5. Sand Sleen is an international sim.

The sims language is English.

That means:

we have native speakers in english and people translating sentence b

sentece before typing. Please be patient with people with another

mothertongue than english. We saw too much dramas caused by

missunderstandings, ask twice before you start an endless drama.


6. Meters, viewers and economy/health system in Sand Sleen:

- Combat meter is the GM meter

- NLS is the economy system, use only NLS tarsks for trading

- trading with GM ware is invalide

- Wearing of the NLS meter for the NLS health and hungry functions is

  optional (you can wear GM meter and NLS meter on right and left

  eyeball at the same time), take off the NLS meter before a fight.

- Only the SL viewer or the RLV viewer are allowed

- We strongly recommend that slaves use the RLV

- Users of cryoflife viewer will be banned

- Other third party viewer like emerald greenlife are not allowed in rp


7. Roles in Sand Sleen

- Free women


- Free men


- Slaves


8. We role play in an environment, based on the book "Tribesmen of Gor".

We strongly recommend to read the book if you want to play

permanently on this SIM. For a quick summary of expected tahari

roleplay refer to Luther's Scroll #40


9. Combat and raids in Sand Sleen.

- The entry points on the ground and the sky desert are 10 minutes safe


- No birds

- No resetting of meter

- Only admins call a rp as invalide

- No tarns

- No radars, scaners, trackers and so on

- The entry point "Sand Sleen city" must not be used for raids

- Gorean weapons only

- No dual wielding (Including attaching a second bow to your hud - and

  using scripted arrow hits)

- No jumping/somersault ao's during battles.

- No speed enhancers

- No shields and push scripts

- No sliding

- No animal walk/run ao's.

- No fighting while swimming (although the ao is allowed)

- No fighting while dragging a leashed captive


- Raids, caputre and death


10. Assasins in Sand Sleen.

Assassins are a part of Gor but not mentioned

in the book "Tribesmen of Gor".

- Admins and the simowber can not be assassinated

- Only two kills by assassins per month on all five sims

- Maximal 3 assassins as residents as a total on all five sims at the same

  time are allowed.

- Maximal two storylines with assassin kills at the same time on all five


- Assassins must rp at least five days in the city or camp of their victim

  for a valid kill.

- Accredited assassins must identify their mark through roleplay, then

  follow through with the kill. A log will be forwarded to the victim of

  both the identification process, and the kill. This log is to be kept and

  given to an administrator when requested. Accredited means that

  you are male, trained, have a Master Assasin that has certified you

  as a BC of Gor, don the black of an assassin, and wear the mark on

  your forehead throughout the hunt and kill.



11. BTB RP and Gor RP

- Sand Sleen South Sand Sleen aswell as the City of Nine Wells are btb sims.  

  Therefore female fighters aswell as Panthers/Talunas are

  not allowed. If you play a fighting woman and want to enter the city

  please see our dresscode and  leave your weapons

  (other than dagger and hairpins) at home! Follow the rules for free women.

- Wastelands of Sand Sleen is a Gor rp sim and female fighters are

  tolerated there, as long as they accept to be collared by loosing a fight.

  Please ask Rear Hynes for further information in case want to play a female



12. RP exclusions:

We will not rp with:

- people banned from  the Sand Sleen and/or Nine Wells sims

- alts of banned people

- people/assassins hired by banned people or their alts

- we will not rp any kind of story started by banned people or their alts

- related persons of banned people or their friends


13. TOS of the Linden Labs

Sand Sleen Sims is part of the Second Life (SL) community, and

therefore subject to the Rules of SL as laid out and upheld by Linden



14. City and Camplaws


15. Human avatars only, larl and kurii shapes are allowed


16. The sim admins are the rp moderators, members of the city councils can

moderate rp if no admin is around. Although remember: RP is dynamicc, handle your troubles in a gorean way, if no admin/moderator is around!



Sim Owner

Guru Randwick




Sahraa Shelman, Yilvina Moonites , Angel Firethorn