Allowed Weapons

We accept Gorean weapons only, therefore, if it looks like Final Fantasy, Mad Max or any sort of the Fantastical, it is not allowed. This includes weapons of earth that do not appear in the books such as Katana types of swords, or fire arms.

Even allowed Weaponmakers create weapons that do not fit within allowable parameters. Your GM packet has a weapon guideline of stats that clarifies the allowable parameters. If you have confusion or doubt, ask a SIM owner/admin or Moderator first.

* * * Please Read * * *

Regardless of Weaponmaker, the following is illegal.

Dual wielding: the use of two weapons at the same time. Includes Hand to Hand combat HUDs with any weapon or weapons where the Hand to Hand is included in the weapon. If the punch/kick does damage, it is illegal.

Hybrid Weapons: Any weapon that can change from Range to Melee, and back automatically.

Bolas that capture with a hit.

**excerpted from the Weapon Maker approved Weapons application**
    "All weapons must be in the style of accepted Gorean weapons as depicted in the books of John Norman.
    No oriental styled weapons are accepted. Nothing with laser beams (red, green, blue colors***) or with a technology that would earn one the Blue Flame."
*** Arrows should appear as arrows, not splinters, beams, toothpicks, etc. Again, Gorean Style, includes the arrow shape.***

Approved weapon makers for Sand Sleen

2 Tone Traders - Gwillym Wycliffe

AC  (Anhandreu Riederer)
 Alika Sao Weaponry--Alika Sao
[AN] Weapons by AN--Alvar Numri
Ancient Builds Inc.--Jake Molinaro
Andrea Shermer
Armour Stall--Slydel Rau
     Beast Claws for animals only

Arrogant Designs--Arrogance Yue
Black Ronin--Lucius Obviate
Black Widow Weapons--Zee Heron
Cryptic Weaponry - Malice Vieria

Eve Mikazuki
    -ONLY non freebie bows and single action melee (latest versions only V2.2a and Gen2 and above), no dual function (Hybrid/combo weapons) like the Crossbows. no hammersgard and hochburg weapons

EZ Weaponry --Romper Barbosa, Thena claxton and Jjames Alter
[FLP] Filthy Larma Productions--Larmen Capra
Forest Maiden--Susan Whizenhunt

GTS-Tommy Burton

H&J Weapons--Hamlet Hellershanks & Jaraziah Lowell 
   NO - Long sword of the Executioner
   NO - Bone Collector Bow
   NO - Butterfly Bows

Infinity Weapons--Arcturus Itano 
   -Bows- version 3.1 and above

[IC] Invalid Concepts--Mystical Stardust and Rayven Thorne
iPwn--Triton Paine
JaraCreations--Jaraziah Lowell
Kiss of the Forge--Keiko Huskerdu, Aleah Apfelbaum and TarnJaeger Wolf
*KS* Weapons--Kyros Slade

LR Weapons--Larion Rhode
MarkZ Weapons--Markz McMahon
Navar & Stormie Designs--Navar Harbinger and Stormie Frua
Outcast Weaponry  (Marcomr2 Zenovka)
[OD]--GrimReaper Eros
PL Designs--Patrik Ling
Primus Weapons--Thord Karu
Stygian Weapons - Madlax Stygian
Tala's Weapons & Specialties--Tala Nagy
Thundermoon Creations--Thundermoon Constantine
VS Designs--Vault Story
Weapons of the Warlord--Slip Barrett
Weapon X--Xero Escape
Wrecked - Ice Bradley

List made by Ronald Petlyakov 31-10-2009