Laws of the Oasis of Nine Wells

NINE WELLS LAWS (Aretai Tribe)

NINE WELLS.            

Updated September 13th, 2009.

Disclaimer: Any issues not covered in these laws with be up to a moderator(s) to decide if something comes up that we have not taken the time to list here. We reserve the right to refuse access to people that can't seem to act like the adults that they are supposed to be in both worlds and will should a situation arise that cannot be solved without insults or offensive childish banter the eject/ban button will be brought out of hiding and we will all laugh about it. By coming to this sim you allow the mods/administrators to save conversations and those that you have pissed off? You give them the right to share logs of conversation with the mods/admins.

This is an ADULTS ONLY sim and you MUST be at least 18 years old or above to roleplay on this privately operated, ADULT rated Secondlife sim.


This Sim often contains active and ongoing Roleplay scenarios involving activities such as rape, violence, abuse, domination, sex, kidnapping and many other acts that might be found objectionable by some people.

Please do not interfere in the roleplay going on in main chat.  Use the IM system if you have any questions or need help.  Please use the OOC Titler but if you are not new to Gor and using this  to scout Nine Wells for a raid, we will consider that OOC and Invalid for your raid.  if you wish to raid please grow a pair and IC your scouting of Nine Wells and its surrounding lands.

Only Human avatars are allowed in the sim (No Furries, robots, dragons, vampires or elves, etc.).  The only exception to this is GOREAN animals.  NO child avatars are allowed in this adult sim. Tarns are NOT allowed on this sim at any time.

Captors and captives: Please remember to discuss rp limits prior to any captor/captive rp. Captors: It is your responsibility to check and respect limits. Failure to do so may result in an invalid rp. HOWEVER, captives are STRONGLY encouraged to state their limits in their picks sections as well as IM their captor of any limits. The editing or changing of limits is not tolerated during rp. Set your limits, and respect other's. If you do not want sexual/rape roleplay, you may "fade to black," and the RP will take up again from that point.

Note: It is your right to refuse roleplay if someone is acting beyond your Limits. Should you feel uncomfortable or uneasy at any given time during roleplay YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to STOP Roleplay with that person, providing they have gone beyond your limits. If someone is violating your limits tell them in IM and give them the chance to correct the rp.

We will not, however, respect limits that are put in place to hinder rp. Such as bonds that can not bind you, or bonds that are not allowed by their owners to be captured, re-collared, punished, or detained. All slaves can be punished by ANY free, compensation should be sought by the owner and the compensation will not be in the form of $Lindens.

Women CAN drag ONE male captive that has been bound. Slaves CAN drag ONE captive at a time and they CAN bind. If you do not approve then don't come here and get shot down.


Aretai Victorious!!!


There is a 4:1 ratio for raids here.  Meaning, you cannot have more then 4 people to each 1 per group you are planning to raid.


In or out of Nine Wells. You must send a note by hand of another person, if able. Otherwise, enjoy your stay.  Sending a person for help.---When leaving the sim is required, you are not allowed back in the sim for 30 min.  There is no instant communications and travels in gor.  Aid is not allowed to intervein for 30 min after they have received the note for help.  If however you are travelling to connected sim and you are not teleporting to and from, then you are allowed to return in the time it takes to run there and back.  (if you run or boat to a connected sim and teleport in help and then run back, this is illegal because there is no instant travel in gor).  This does not extend to Sand Sleen, Sand Sleen South, and Wastelands of Sand Sleen.
Nine Wells' Sim(s) and those of Sand Sleen are owned and Operated by Guru Randwick for the sole purpose of creating Role Play with an Enemy of Each City.  So, Are considered One Sim, and excluded fromt the 30 minutes or two hour rules.


It's simple. OOC is not allowed in open chat. Don't do it. It interrupts the RP, and takes away from it. If you need to afk, rp something like, for a phone call:
/me hears a ringing in his head and closes his eyes a moment to clear it. (then hit afk on your meter hud)

Need to leave?
/me suddenly has to run off quickly and conveys his apologies.

OOC fighting in Group Chats, Local Chat and IMs will not be tollerated, No name calling ooc, bring it to the field and fight IC, dont act like a child, We are all adults, Please act like one.

If you need to say something to all present during the RP and can't figure a way to emote it, start a conference IM with those you want to speak with.  (hold down your ctrl key while you choose each individual in your friends list and add them. Not on your friends list? IM them separately - in any case, NO OOC IN OPEN)


Any claims of INVALIDATION within Nine Wells are to be ignored. Disrupting roleplay or combat may result in your ejection. Only moderators/administrators of this sim are permitted to invalidate a roleplay that has violated these rules. If you feel these rules have been violated, request a moderators ruling after a battle has been finished instead of making everyone stop. GROUP LEADERS are not to call invalid during battle and have their people tp out. That is NOT acceptable and will result in banning.

NO TAG READING: If you have not been intorduced then you do not know the person's name. If you have not met that member of a group in rp you do not know where they are from. Actually rp to find these things out.

Nine Wells landing Pad has a safezone rule of 15 minutes to allow for rezzing. If you engage in rp prior to that time, you are no longer safe. It is not a safezone after that time, for any reason.

During combat: Once you tp out, you must wait 30 minutes before you are allowed to return.  If your group calls an All Out and you cross over the sim line into a connected sim, this is considered tping out.  You must wait 30 min before you can come back into the sim.

Captives must be removed at the tp point ONLY and with proper roleplay.  Specifically, you must include removing your captive from the Tp point  with you. You can not just rp "flys away" without having brought them on the Tarn or Kaiila  with you. If you dont rp it, they do not have any obligation to go as a captive.


You must wear an updated version of the Gorean meter only, and it must be attached prior to leaving the Landing Pad area. If you don't wear a meter set to combat mode, you will be ejected and banned if you do not put one on after being warned. If you fight without meter you will be asked to leave and not return for 2 hours.


The only weapons to be used in Nine Wells are on the allowed weapons list, use of invalid weapons will be grounds for complete and utter rejection of all your pixels have to offer.

This is a full gorean capture, kill, force collar sim.  Death is 72 real time hours. Force collar is Permenant unless you rp runaway, sold or killed. Capture is permanent unless you escape or are freed.  Suicide is 7 full real time days.

Absolutely no jumping during combat, no enhanced AO's, no special HUD's:  NO EXCEPTIONS.

This is a NO FLY sim. Tarns are NOT allowed on this sim at any time (Lag beasts, they are)


Are only permitted after 30 minutes of active RP.  The actual RP of the kill must be in 3 complete lines/emotes, at least 2 full sentences per emote. The Staff of Midgaard will Invalidate if it's less. (Kills that are for personal reasons not related to RP will result in a Estate wide ban). 

Outlaws: If you commit a crime against the Oasis of Nine Wells you run the risk of being impaled for your crimes as per the books of Gor.

Accredited assassins must identify their mark through roleplay, then follow through with the kill. A log will be forwarded to the victim of both the identification process, and the kill. This log is to be kept and given to an administrator when requested. Accredited means that you are male, trained, have a Master Assasin that has certified you as a BC of Gor, don the black of an assassin, and wear the mark on your forehead throughout the hunt and kill. There is NO exception. Your kill can be invalidated by an administrator if you fail to meet the standards. The assassin may bypass the 30 minutes of roleplay before kill rule.  So far only two Assassin Groups will be held up as Valid the group from Laura, and the Group from Village of Ayr. if you are of a differant Group then these two, I, Kahalida Kawabata, will have to come see your training and role play to add your group of assassins  to the legal Assassin groups to be hired for kills in Nine Wells.


Is allowed. 3 complete line/emotes must be used by the aiding party.

There will be no resetting of your meter allowed.  If you are found to reset or detach your meter during combat, you will be EJECTED  no questions asked.  If you receive permission from an RP mod to reset your meter, you must go to the Sand Sleen market, reset there and then return to combat.



Are not allowed to be worn in the city by ANYONE. You may be challenged by a guard to remove it.

If you don't wear a sheath then you need to show rp for FINDING your weapon when you draw.  IE:  Like from behind a bush, NOT from under your skirt. If the sheath is not worn due to lag issues, it must be stated on the front page of your profile, and exactly which weapons you have on you.

This is a Tahari Desert Sim, even IC ignorance is not an excuse.  if you are not sure of our customs and ways of life ask in IM and we will help clarify the differences.


Setting of fires is permitted.  If you set fires use the touch/die fire provided only.  That way they can be extinguished quickly through RP.  Use of any other fire will be invalidated and sent back. All settings of fires should be roleplayed 3 lines min for the initial starting of the fire or lighting of the first torch, then 1 line per action of setting a building on fire etc.


No more then 3 Groups are allowed in raiding/rescuing parties. Do not conference all of your buddies and bring mixed groups as this would not have happend in Gor. The 3 groups have to have an IC relationship with each other. IE: Actual allies or hired Merc etc.  Keep it realistic, you wouldnt just grab a convenient group to aid you if you didnt know them IC.

If you raid Nine Wells and lose, you can not engage in a rescue operation for at least TWO HOURS.  Even then, the leader of the rescue party must be able to show how they found out about their captured friends BEFORE commencing the raid.  If you cannot show valid RP, then the rescue is considered invalid.


Minimum 3 full sentences to search and bind your captive.  No hotkeys allowed.


It must take you longer to unbind yourself then it took to bind you.  Minimum of 6 full sentences to unbind yourself.


If you are captured by  the city, you are property of the city, entrusted to a warrior or Free.  You may negotiate directly with your captor, or your group can negotiate with your captor or the most senior member of the Guard.  No birds are valid in the negotiations. Rescue or Trade cannot be done until two hours have passed.


Any escape from a cage, collar, etc., should be note carded and sent to your captor.  If he/she challenges your escape and you cannot come to an agreement, it will be sent to an RP mod. Escapes take time and to make things more realistic you cannot wait until the city is empty to do so. Escapes will take no less than 20 minutes, minimum.


Ransoms or trades will NOT include actual $Lindens at any time. Captives may be traded for RP goods, meter coins or NLS Coins only. Exchanges such as a captive for a captive, etc, are legal as well. 


CLIMBING WALLS/FIRES: Use of grappling hooks and rope arrows are allowed in Nine Wells, but you must RP their use (3 lines/emotes).  Ladders must be rped being brought from the Landing Pad and carried to the wall.  If you're going to start a fire, it must be RP'ed appropriately. 3 full lines of rp must be used and available if questioned. All fires must be touch/die and rp'd as well.


Lockpicking or breaking into the front gate will be rp'ed and must be at least 5 complete lines.  Have the NC ready in case of a challenge. You are not allowed to simply keep clicking til the door opens.


Are strongly encouraged to wear common armbands to identify their side. This will help eliminate the confusion of who is who during a raid.


CONTACTS for any questions, problems:


Agel Firethorn, Conan Soulstar, Guru Randwick, Sahraa Shelman


Agel Firethorn, Conan Soulstar, Guru Randwick, Sahraa Shelman