Laws of the Oasis of Sand Sleen

Observers and new are welcome here,  If you are wearing an observer tag, you may not participate in active Roleplay. You may not speak in open chat, use IMs to ask questions and etc. An inaccurate language or affronts or insults in ooc mode or in IM, can cause bann. (add 07/28/2009)
 You must still be in human form, fully clothed in Gorean attire and not carry prohibited weapons or objects. . Do not be disruptive and respect the active RP.  Please read the rules and adhere to them in the camp. 
These rules are subject to change at any time so check them frequently for changes.


The laws of a city extend no further than its walls. Once you step outside the boundaries of the Oasis of Sand Sleen, the city laws do not apply and the city cannot protect you.  
In Oasis of Sand Sleen the Ubar and the Scribe are be able to judge (rules of 23/06/2009)
There is a saying on Gor that the laws of a city extend no further than its walls." Outlaw of Gor, pg. 50

1 - All Free Men of the city are entitled to bear weapons within the walls of the city.
2 - All citizens and their property are to be protected from outlaws.
3 - Ownership of property is a right reserved for the free, be they citizens or otherwise within the jurisdiction of the city. A slave is considered the   property of its owner and therefore has no legal rights. A slave may own no property.
4 - All persons shall be considered free and therefore possess the rights of the free if they are not legally owned. In the event of  kidnapping or capture, the person will be considered free if they have not been  collared, or performed an act of submission.
5 - The enslavement of a citizen of the  Oasis of Sand Sleen by another citizen of the Oasis of Sand Sleen is subject to legal review. If the enslavement is found to be justified, the matter will be resolved through the recognition of a legal enslavement. In the event that  the enslavement is found to be unjustified the offending citizen will then be legally charged with kidnapping and false enslavement. The accused free person shall retain their legal status until such time as their status can be decided through a judicial review. In the event that a condition of capture is declared, the submitting individual shall become the legal slave of the of the accepting party. A  condition of capture shall be satisfied whereby one party either forcefully, or willingly, submits themself to an aggressive party.  A condition of capture might also be met without submission when the goal is to ransom the captured individual.
6 - Ransom demands should be made to the nearest male relative, guardian, or Free Companion of the individual being ransomed.   Traditional ransom is five silver tarn disks ((We use RP.-Items and GM Meter Coins)).
7 - False enslavement may be decided only by a judicial review. The penalties for this crime may include, but are not limited to, fines, banishment, impaling, torture, or enslavement by the city. Capture rights, or attempting chain luck, against non-citizens of the  will be legally recognized and are not subject to judicial review. The legal status of non-citizens will be defined as already  outlined in this document. Non-citizens captured by non-citizens may be challenged by citizens of the city and may be resolved through the judicial process and possibly subject to the rite of knives. Challenges to the capture of citizen-owned slaves by other  citizens will be decided by judicial review and are not subject to the rite of knives. In the event that neither party should be willing agree to a judicial review to decide the ownership of any given property, the matter may be settled through mutually agreeable combat.
8 -Unwelcome physical contact against a free woman is a crime, and will be punished accordingly.  Should it be found that the woman courted the actions with indecent or slave-like actions, she may be sentenced to slavery.
9 - Crimes against the home stone, including but not limited to: Theft, vandalism, treason, sedition, forgery of the city seal, and the like are subject to banishment or impalement.
10 - Murder is a capital offense which will result in banishment or impaling.
11 - The killing of a slave by its owner is not considered murder.  Killing of a slave by one not its owner is subject to monetary recompense.
12 - Theft is a serious crime that can result in ear notching, removal of one or both hands, or banishment.
13 - Face stripping (forcibly removing the veil) of a free woman without cause constitutes unwelcome physical contact and will be punished severely.  Should there be doubt about a woman's actions, she should be brought before a magistrate.
14 - Unwanted physical contact with a free woman may be punished with public flogging.
15 - A Free Woman who couches or prepares to couch with another's slave is subject to enslavement by the owner of said slave.
16 - Treason is punishable by impalement.
17 - Free woman are permitted no more than a dagger and/or poisoned needles which must be emoted like any other weapons.Free woman may carry daggers for self-defense only. 
18 - Free Women of Sand Sleen should be veiled in public at all times.  
18 (*) - She Urt is a homeless Free Woman,runaways, vagabonds, orphans, etc. - surviving by scavenging, begging, stealing, and sleeping with paga attendants; they sleep wherever they find space, and usually wear a brief tunic instead of Robes of Concealment - she can wear not the veil. If a she-urt is respectful, not breaking laws of the land and has no veil, Please role play with her and find out why and then let her roam the streets, she-urts dont normally have the money to buy veils and are normally not bothered in the books, so let them be. (add 07/28/2009)
19 - Free Women can visit the cafe (tavern) but they should be escorted by a man if at all possible. Keep in mind that cafe's are places of ill repute and equivilant to earth strip clubs. There will be naked dancing slaves performing seductive acts that will offend the free woman. The free woman must remain aware of her surroundings and beware of danger
20 - Free Women are prohibited from engaging in public displays of lewd and lascivious behavior. Violation of this law is punishable by warning for first offense and enslavement if it happens again.  To flirt with a Free man is to flirt with a collar.
21 - A Free Woman can sell herself into slavery, but once the transaction is completed, it is too late for her to revoke it.
22 - Any Free Woman who couches with another's slave, or prepares herself to couch with another's slave, may then be enslaved to the  owner of the slave she intended to couch.
23 - The principle of "conduct indicating suitability for the collar" deals with conduct by a free woman sufficient to warrant her reduction to slavery. It is commonly applied to fraud, theft, indigence, vagrancy, prostitution, and indulgence in sensuous dance in public.  Other behavior which might trigger the principles include attempting to spy on masters and slaves, disguising oneself as a slave, baring too much flesh, entering an establishment designated for Free Men, with out proper escort.
24 - Any person who violates the dignity or freedom of a Free Woman may be executed by the city. Violations of a free woman include; face stripping, disrobing, forcing the free woman into areas of slave heat or areas where she may be captured and enslaved.
25 - In the event that a free woman should submit herself to a man in the absence of a condition of capture, the woman will be legally  considered a slave should the man accept her submission. In the event that the man does not accept the submission of the free woman, she will retain her legal status as being free.
26 - A Free Woman may do a form of limited self-contracting where she legally becomes a slave for a specific time period, commonly ranging from one night to one year. She cannot end this contract earlier than the specified time period. Once the contract takes effect, she becomes a slave with no legal powers at all.
27 - A Free Woman is expected to behave according to the established laws of Gor.  Free Women's dress will be modest and respectful, this means in a GOWN!  No Pants! No exposed shoulders, legs, belly, arms etc.  Females on Gor who show skin are called SLAVES. Violations of traditions would include: (a) Acting in a lascicious or suggestive manner around strangers -  (b) Acting overly-aggressive toward Free Men. Acting such as befitting a slave. Free women are not permitted to express any slave like behavior or desires in public.

28 - Men commonly wear a djellaba, a striped, hooded, long-sleeved, loose robe. The striping denotes its area of origin. A djelleba though would not be worn during a war or in raiding as the sleeves could get in the way of using your weapons. Instead, you would wear a burnoose. A burnoose is simply a sleeveless, hooded cloak. As your arms are free, you can more easily ride and wield weapons. Some people wear colored sashes with their djellaba or burnoose. Some merchants will wear sashes of ostentatious colors to draw attention to themselves. Kaftans are also worn, a sleeved, full-length tunic. Men also wear the kaffiyeh and the agal. The kaffiyeh is a squarish scarf, folded over into a triangle, and placed over the head. Two points of it are placed at the side of the shoulders. One is placed in the back to protect the back of the neck. It is bound to the head by the agal, several loops of cord. The cording indicates a person's tribe and district in the Tahari region. Some men, generally in the cities, may wear a head scarf, a wrapped turban of rep cloth. This protects the head from the sun and does not permit sweat to escape. Among lower-caste men, it can also provide a soft cushion for boxes and other burdens. You simply steady the burden with your right hand. In doors, men commonly wear soft, heel-less slippers with extended, curling toes.

29 - There are several types of clothing indigenous to this region. In the cities and villages, free women are often garbed in haiks. A haik is a black outfit that covers a woman from head to toe. At the eyes there is a bit of black lace so she can see through the outfit. On her feet, she would wear soft, black, nonheeled slippers with curled toes. Among the upper classes in the Tahari, it is scandalous that a woman's mouth not be concealed. The mouth is thought to be very erotic. To touch a girl's teeth to your own is considered a preliminary to the seizure of her body. Some women in the Tahari use items that would be more likely found on slaves elsewhere. Free girls, of the age ready for free companionship, may signal their availability by belling their left ankles with a virgin bell. The bright and clear note of the virgin bell is easily distinguished from the sensuous sounds of slave bells. A beautifully measured gait is considered attractive for women in the Tahari. Slaves often use light walking chains that tether the ankles. The chains are adjustable from two to twenty inches. Free women also measure their stride, sometimes with silk thongs or even a walking chain.

30 - Slaves are property, and as such, may be used, abused, and even slain by their owners without cause.
31 -  All citizens of Sand Sleen City owning slaves must register them with the scribe caste of the city.  Any slave not registered within two weeks of the owner becoming a citizen or her collaring, whichever is later, may be seized by the city.
32 - Runaways may be held by the city.  If their owner does not claim them within 7 days of their capture, they will become property of the city.
33 -  Any slave who does not have expected RL contact with their owner within 15 days will be considered abandoned.  Ownership of such slave will pass to the designated protector, the owner's free companion, or the city, in that order.
34 - Permanent submissions must be witnessed by at least one other free person to be considered valid.
35 - Manumission of a slave must be witnessed by at least one other free person.  In addition, paperwork regarding the freeing of the slave must be turned in to the scribes of the city within 7 days.  Such a slave freed will be immune to force collar by nature of improper attire for a period of one hour after their freeing.
36 - Slaves taken during a raid, or force collared, may not be sold for real linden dollars, RP only coin is approved.
37 - Slaves are expected to protect themselves, their owners, and their owner's other property by any means available to them, as long as they do not violate the weapon restrictions for slaves.
38 - Slaves may not wield a traditional weapon of any kind.  Rocks, brooms, and throwable random objects are allowed.  For a slave to touch a traditional weapon is death.
38 - No person, other than the slaves owner, may have sexual contact with a white silk slave.  This is considered theft and will be punished accordingly.
39 - The owner of a slave is liable for the actions of said slave, unless it can be proved that the owner did everything reasonable to prevent the actions of the slave.
40 - Generally no one shall purposely violate the restrictions of a slave placed by her master.  This is tantamount to theft and will be punished accordingly.  Basically, if a Owner states that a slave is restricted for some specific use, and another Free uses the slave against the express wishes of the owner, that is considered slave theft and the offender will be considered an outlaw.
41 - Slaves may give legal testimony only under torture.
42 - No slave may don the garments of the free, under penalty of death
43 - Slaves must obey all free in Oasis of Sand Sleen. Any slave refusing the orders of a free will be punished .
44 - Any free may punish a slave for inappropriate behavior.  The free will be liable for any damage or loss caused by their punishment.
45 - Do not expect a free to come to you and ask you to serve. Smile and walk up to the free and beg to serve the free in any way you can. Ask them how you can be of service and try to give them a tour to get to know Oasis of Sand Sleen.
46 -  All Free and Guests are to be treated  in a proper manner and with respect. Slaves are not rude to anyone as it would result in punishment. 
47 - All city slaves are required to serve at least a small amount of time each day. If you have to go on vacation or have other rl issues, message the first girl or Slaver and tell  about it before you leave.
48 - You may not enter a private house. If there is a free in it, you may karta and beg for permission to enter.
49 - A white silk slave has to tower always. A red silk slave is required to nadu in Oasis of Sand Sleen. Slaves has to tower if there are only free women and not free men. They has to tower if they are on direct service of a free woman as well.
50 - The first girl of the city is considered by all city slaves as mistress at all times. She will be respected as she would be a free of the city.  All teachers will be respected in such a manner. As a slave, you are not able to leave the presence of a free you are currently serving, unless it is by your owner. ( anyway the slave who has a IM call from her Master, as IMs message are OOC, will find another rp reason to leave, and always ask for permission of free)
51 - Every city slave has to provide information of her collar and who she is owned by and when she was collared.
52 - You may rp capture Slaves or Free. However this must be done in a proper rp way . Slaves or Free may not be held in a private zone. The zone you tp them to after you  have reached the station of kaiila charavans, must be reachable and provide a non safezone. REMEMBER: Slave theft will make you an OUTLAW against the Oasis of Sand Sleen. Punishments are the cutting off of hands, banishment, torture and impalement. For rules about time of capture and others, please see  "SIMRULE" written by Pasha Guru Randwick. "CAPTURE: Capture on the Sand Sleen sim is permanent. This isn't to keep anyone here against their will. It's to allow story lines to develop, and plots to grow. Don't panic. If you don’t want to stay here as a captive and/or slave use your imagination and role play your escape (realistic please).  3 day/30 minute or other roleplay limits are not  honored here."
53 - If your master is gone for longer than two weeks without any response, you are considered abandoned. Your protector will be given Ownership after this time. This also happens if a Master abandons you by leaving you a message.
54 - Slave girls in the Tahari often wear chalwars. These are baggy pants of diaphanous silk, gathered in closely at the ankles. They are worn low on the hips, several inches below the belly button. They are similar to the harem trousers of the middle east region of Earth. They may also wear a silk vest with the chalwars.

55 - Outlaws, for legal standing, include those with no homestone, Outlaws and Pirates (Panther girls and talunas don't live in Tahari).  The Black caste are excluded from definition as outlaws. All outlaws are forbidden entrance into the city and subject to impalement, when i know that they are outlaws.
56 - Outlaws, when they enter in the city, are subject to the laws of the city as well as any other citizen
57 - Outlaws are required to disarm themselves before entering the gate of Sand Sleen.  Failure to do so will result in action by the city guard.
58 - Any outlaw caught pretending to caste or homestone status will be taken into custody for trial, with the normal outcome being impalement.
59 - Any slave of an outlaw is not allowed safe passage in Oasis of Sand Sleen.  If you are questioned, and it is found you belong to an outlaw, you are eligible for force collaring by the city.
60 - No outlaw may don the garb of a slave.  This will be considered submission.
61 - Female outlaws. If your avatar enters the city as an undisguised, female outlaw, you will be collared.  If your female outlaw character is disguised as a man entering our city, you risk being found out and the subsequent immediate collaring to the city, or death, dependent upon the wishes of person discovering you.

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