Free Woman Rules

Free Women

7 - Free Woman that act like Free Women will be treated with all  respect due to them. However. a Free Woman that violates the dictum of modest dress and behavior is a woman begging to be punished (which may include whipping, striping, jailing or collaring). Citizens of a home stone will do everything reasonable to avoid collaring a Free Woman of the home stone, but that option is available for woman that refuse to follow the law and comon sense.

Though Gor is a Harsh wild place, manners are paramount. It is even more so for a Free Woman. Her behavior is what either keeps her free or earns her a collar. Always respect the Men of Gor. You can speak your mind, have differing opinions, but always remember that you are free because they {the men} allow it. In fact an intelligent woman is much appreciated. Though a Gorean Free Woman can be passionate, haughty, opinionated..those are not excuses to be vulgar, rude, ill mannered or act overly sexual in public.


7.1 Modest dress -  Free women must dress modestly.  Women  visitors (those that do not have a home in a recognized Gorean sim)  must be veiled at all times in public. Visitors of other recognized Gorean sims may follow the custom of their home (but wearing a veil while visiting here will save you trouble). Women of Sand Sleen and Nine Wells, in general, wear a veil unless they are of a culture that does not veil. For example a Tuchuk free woman does not wear a veil, she wears a nose-ring. Although problems will be avoided if they are veiled, it is acceptable for those woman to continue to observe their traditional culture. A woman that fails to wear a veil when she should, after warning, will be jailed and possibly enslaved.

Clothing worn should cover at a minimum ankles, elbows and collarbone and everything in between.  Feet must also be covered. Earings on Gor were worn only by slaves and were an effective sentence to eternal slavery.


7.2 - Free women may not show 'heat' that is to say or behave in an erotic or arousing manner in public.


7.3 - Free women may not carry weapons other than daggers or similar weapons for protection. This doesn't mean it isn't possible, but it IS illegal to do so (section 3 can apply).


7.4 - Any display of submissive 'slave-like' behavior such as kneeling in submission to a man or referring to free as Master can cause her to lose her freedom. A case should be brought to the Administrators or city officials for hearing if in dispute.


7.4.1 Please make no mistake, on Gor, all women knelt. A Free Woman in a proper tower, with her palms down and not crossed is in no way behaving as a slave.


7.4.2 If a woman submits to a man and that man rejects her submission, she remains free (the Warriors Code only governs the behavior of Warriors).


7.5 - It is illegal to face strip a woman without just cause. Gorean men pride themselves on being able to remain unaffected by the abuse of women.


7.6 - A male slave touching a female, free or slave, risks punishment up to and including the loss of his life.


7.7 - It is wise for a woman to remember that a she is free only at the will of men.


"You were not struck for such an absurd reason," I said, "You are, after all a free woman, and free women are entitled to insult, and attempt to demean and destroy men. It is one of their freedoms, unless men, of course, should decide to take it from them. You were struck rather, because you were attempting to manipulate me." She nodded, putting her head down."  Page 422 - Mercenaries of Gor