Raids, Death and Capture


1 - Having a special raid rule to protect your sim, then the same rule must be followed when you wish to raid Sand Sleen. If you don't want to do that, you can simply attack us within our laws and allow us to strike back. If you want to organize a large scale raid, please contact an Admin. We are open to good plots but prefer them with some organization beforehand. Also, we wish to keep raiding realistic, so if you are for example, from Torvaldsland, it makes no sense to be down in full force in the Tahari, you could not possible make that journey. We accept raiding RP from neighbouring regions and cities, but if you could not in a realistic way get an army here, please don't bother.


2 - Raiding parties may contain only three more attacker than the number of current defenders. If you have doubts about the numbers, ask one of the leaders/mods first in OOC.


3 - Slaves are permitted to defend their home. They are not permitted to roam the sims bearing weapons or engaging in hostilities.

4 - And YES female warriors can be captured and enslaved. If you want to raid us as a female warrior/merc there is a good chance you ll meet our slaver with a collar around your neck.


5 - No rezzing objects out of thin air. Be realistic. If you are going to climb a wall, one person must have the ladder attached to their hand with NO weapons drawn and must be brought in from the safezone/landing area on can't logically carry a ladder and shoot a bow at the same time...No rezzing ladders out of thin air, this will be invalid. NO absolutely NO jumping over fences or walls that are taller than you are, RP it, use a grapple hook or a ladder IF YOU ARE SEEN JUMPING OVER FENCES/WALLS I.E CAMP FENCE/WALL YOU WILL BE EJECTED no arguing this is your warning. NO WALKING UP THE WALLS DO THINGS RIGHT.


6 - Use of grapples, ladders, picking locks, must be roleplayed.



1 - Capture on the Sand Sleen sim is permanent. This isn't to keep anyone here against their will. It's to allow story lines to develop, and plots to grow. Don't panic. If you don’t want to stay here as a captive and/or slave use your imagination and role play your escape (realistic please). 3 day/30 minute or other roleplay limits are not honored here.


2 - Bringing a captive into the SIM or taking a captive from the SIM must be from the main Teleport/Entrance Point.


3 - Valid captures must consist of a minimum of three (3) emotes or more, consisting of one (1) or more disarming emotes (minimum), and two (2) or more binding emotes (minimum).


4 - Escapes must be emoted appropriately in a minimum of 5 emotes and notecard for review in the case of dispute.


5 - Message birds do not exist on Gor. Any rp that involves birds will be invalidated. Some other form of discovery must be rp'd in order for a rescue to show up.


6 - Rescue attempts are not permitted within 1 hour of the time of capture.

7 - Captives who tp out will be banned for at least three days




1 - Death in Sand Sleen is 3 days real time, after which your character may return with no memory of the event which lead to the death. The Gorean Meter death setting is set for 72 hours, and only at the end of that countdown is it legal to return to life in the oasis. As alternative, if you choose to give your character permanent death in Sand Sleen, that decision will be honored and roleplayed accordingly.


2 - Deaths must be emoted in a minimum of 3 emotes and require at least 30 mins of roleplay in advance of this to be valid. You must have a good, IC stated reason to kill. The emotes must be suitably descriptive. Emotes such as "takes out knife" .. "slits your throat" .. "watches you bleed to death" are not acceptable. Assassins are an exception to this rule in the prior roleplay of 30 mins requirement only. In addition they must be appropriately marked.