Slave Rules



7 - Slaves in Sand Sleen:

- City slaves

- Must wear a city collar of Sand Sleen

- Must wear at least three times a week the chalwar of City Slaves

- Must beg for permission to speak

- Must kneel in front of a free

- Must adress each free as master or mistress, even an urt

- Must not enter offical buildings without permission

- Must not touch money

- Must not look at or touch the homestone

- Must stay at least 4 weeks in the city chain before they can be sold

on an auction


- Private owned slaves

- Must beg for permission to speak

- Must kneel in front of a free

- Must adress each free as master or mistress, even an urt

- Must not enter offical buildings without permission

- Must not touch money

- Must not look at or touch the homestone


- First girl of the city

- is as close to a free as possible for a slave, but is still a slave and

  restricted by the slave rules of Sand Sleen

- must wear cloth that shows her as a slave

- may speak without begging for permission

- may stand in front of the free

- may enter offical buildings without permission

- may touch money

- must look at or touch the homestone



7.1- Slaves are property and will obey when told to do something or be punished and/or detained until their owner comes to claim their property. Whitesilks are safe, no Gorean warrior would take and abuse a visiting whitesilk and they are under the protection of the city.


7.2- A slave entering this sim should be aware they are expected to obey all free within the boundaries of restriction and silk status and can be punished by any free. If this is unacceptable to you or your owner you are not forced to remain here. Note: restricted/unrestricted is an onlineism, in truth only a dishonorable man would make use of another's property without permission. Slaves that are assumed to be available sexually are tavern sluts and coin girls. Anything else you should assume is someone's property. This is not a brothel.


7.3- A slave that is a runway of another City or Gorean Master, will be detained here as customary within the SL Community and can be retrieved within 5 days or becomes property of the the oasis or camp.


7.4 - A slave that has been present in SL as is normal for them and has not seen or been contacted by their owner for more than 14 days is considered abandoned and becomes the property of the Oasis of Nine Wells.


7.5 - Any free person may discipline any slave as long as they do not cause any damage to another's property or delay them in carrying out their owner's assigned tasks. Magicians of Gor, p123: “The discipline of a slave,” I said, “may be attended to by any free person, otherwise she might do much what she wished, provided only her master did not learn of it.” The legal principle was clear, and had been upheld in several courts, in several cities, including Ar.


7.6 - Unescorted slaves, not owned by citizens of the Oasis of Nine Wells may be considered runaways and may be be taken and treated as such.


7.7 - Unowned slaves: A slave that has no owner that enters the city of the Oasis of Nine Wells automatically becomes the property of the city. The city may choose to dispose of them in any way they wish. If you are unowned and acting like a slave, then you are considered owned when you enter. If you don't like that, then don't enter without an OOC tag.


7.8 - Slave girls in the Tahari may be garbed in any common slave clothes though there are some more common forms of garb. There is a slave djelleba, a black and white striped robe made of rep-cloth which is brief, coming high on the thigh. A fancier dress may be the chalwar and vest. Chalwars are baggy pants of diaphanous silk, gathered in closely at the ankles, and worn low on the hips, several inches below the belly button. They are similar to what we know as "harem trousers." A silk vest often accompanies the chalwars, leaving a bare midriff.

Some girls also are made to wear a slave veil, a small triangle of diaphanous yellow silk, fastened by a tiny gold string. It is worn across the bridge of the nose and covers the lower half of the face. It is a parody of the veils worn by free women. "The slave veil is a mockery, in its way. It reveals, as much as conceals, yet it adds a touch of subtlety, mystery; slave veils are made to be torn away, the lips of the master then crushing those of the slave." (Tribesman of Gor p.70) Among the upper classes in the Tahari, it is scandalous that a woman's mouth not be concealed. "The mouth of a woman, by men of the Tahari, and by Goreans generally, is found extremely provocative, sexually." (Tribesman of Gor p.69-70)


7.9 - Slaves in the Tahari are commonly branded with the "Kef" though the letter is written in Taharic. They also use the printed letter and not the cursive, though it still looks floral. "Cold, white-skinned women are of interest to the men of the Tahari. They enjoy putting them in servitude. They enjoy, on their submission mats, turning them into helpless, yielding slaves. Too, blue-eyed, blond women are, statistically, rare in the Tahari districts." (Tribesman of Gor p.44) Such women can fetch a high price in this region. In some kasbahs, one might find a "circle of assessment" where slaves are displayed. One such circle was a seven-foot, scarlet marble circle. Men in the Tahari also do not prefer slaves that are too skinny. "In the Tahari a woman is often stuffed with food for days before her sale, even force fed, if necessary. Many of the men of the Tahari relish soft, pretty, meaty little slaves." (Players of Gor, p.219) Following merchant law and Tahari custom, a prisoner does not become a slave until they have been branded, collared or performed a gesture of submission. Slaves may be made to perform on submission mats, very coarse mats. There are other rough-fibered slave mats that are not as coarse. Slaves, both male or female, may be kept in a seraglio, which is a term that means "harem." It is considered a horrible degradation to make a Tahari woman, free or slave, dry a man's feet with her tongue.

7.10 -  Slaves often use light walking chains that tether their ankles, the chains being adjustable for a range of two to twenty inches. There is dispute as to most desirable length of the stride and it likely varies with the size of girl as height and hip width vary.