Oasis of Nine Wells:

There are two high tribes within the Tahari, the Aretai and the Kavars, and they appear to be the only two high tribes. The term "high tribe" seems to indicate that these two tribes have conquered a number of other tribes, thus creating a larger entity. There are some tribes in the Tahari that are neither vassal or conquering tribes. They are essentially independent tribes and seem to be much smaller than the high tribes. A vassal tribe is essentially a military unit that is subordinate to a conquering tribe. Though there are usually some token tributes involved, the vassal tribe is, in its own areas, almost completely autonomous. It will possess its own leaders, magistrates, judges and warriors. Its primary significance is as a military ally, supporting the conquering tribe when needed with warriors, kaiila and supplies.
Nine Wells is the home and major oasis of the proud Aretai, in the 10th book held by Sulieman of the Aretai, one of the largest in the Tahari. About 20,000 people live there, mostly small farmers, craftsmen and their families. It has an inn,a public bath, and a public well located near the chamber of justice. The palace is a lavish structure with a lush Pleasure Garden. In its great room, the entry portal is carved and turret-shaped, while the floor is composed of red tiles and there are great arched windows.