Oasis of Sand Sleen:

Guru Randwick  the 1st was an Outlaw when he passed his first night here right at the border of the flowing water in the middle of the Tahari. Thirsty, tired without any physical and mental forces he took camp here right at the border of Sand Sleen wadi. He was on his pilgrim way to the Sardar Mountains, to fulfill his duty as a free Man given to any gorean free and unfree to offer their respect to the King Priests. After a walk of 7 days thru the splenetic, dry, hot desert Guru was almost at his end. With his last efforts he built up a kind of tent with some palm leaves lying around him, to be prevented from tomorrow's sun. Then he took a sip of water out of the in the night bilnking wadi. He knew, he should not drink to much at once, afer a thirsty, period of 7 days. Then he went into his makeshift  tent, fell on his knees, tried to move up his hurting head towards the dark desert sky full of glittering stars;  he wanted to do his daily prayer in deep faith to the Priest Kings, thank them to have him let gone so far, ask them for new forces and strength.

But he fell asleep. Suddenly he found himself in a wonderful, big hall, with colorful walls, heavy wonderful carpets of all colors, smooth and soft. Upon him he saw a golden cupola with a huge, large lustre made of pure diamonds. He did not see anybody, but he heard a voice that made him shiver:

"Guru" it said, "This is YOUR destination! We want you to build up a place here, where people will live, where people will spread gorean life in the Tahari desert! Stop your pilgrim journey, stay here and start with building! his Place shall bring honor and richness to all the free who live here!"

Then it became dark, Guru fell in a deep sleep for exactly three days. When he woke up he was astonished: There was no tent anymore. He found himself right in this building! The sun burn was gone, he did not feel hungry or thirsty. He knew it at once: "He was with the Priest Kings". He was dressed all in a white wonderful robe had a turban on his head. The sword he wore at his hip had
the label: "High Pasha of Sand Sleen". He fell down to his knees, looked up to the skies and prayed: "Thankfully I will take your gift and do my best, to fulfill the duty you gave me! Please , help me to reach my goal which is yours! I will save this sword for The City of Sand Sleen. It will be the  home stone of the city!"

So Guru Randwick the 1st was the founder of this Place named Sand Sleen. Since then the City has grown, has gone thru many storms. The now leading High Pasha, Guru Randwick the 7th will also do his best to make this place a honorable, wonderful place in the Tahari desert, like the 6 Gurus did before